Meet Daniel.

Friend & former neighbor/tenant union co-conspirator running for Portland City Council in District 3.

Daniel is a lifelong Portlander who chairs the Joint Office of Homeless Services Community Budget Advisory Committee and the Multnomah County Central Community Budget Advisory Committee. He is committed to solving problems all Portlanders face.

One sunny afternoon last fall, I met up with Daniel & they showed me around district 3 while I captured the spirit of "the candidate" and the campaign.

Every Portlander knows: "We Can Do Better"

Here are some snippets from the speech I gave at Daniel's campaign launch party. A few of the reasons I believe in their campaign, because I've already seen them at work.

Daniel and I got to know each other through a tenant union organizing effort in the building we lived in. We would meet to talk about tenants rights & formulate plans to deal with ineffective property management, Daniel & their partner organized a weekly can drive for the residents of our building, we also planned events & dreamed up ways we could improve our once thriving artists community.

One time, property management decided, without notice, to indiscriminately throw away all of the plants & pots and art and other items on the roof top porch of our building and Daniel joined me in protest by moving every single item to their front door claiming it was all personal property effectively stopping them from throwing it away.

Daniel is relentless, if it isn’t obvious.

I appreciate Daniel’s unique perspective on life & while I sometimes don’t understand it, I am thankful for their optimism & belief that more can be done. I know that he will represent all Portlanders if elected to office.

Take a minute to check out the DeMelo for Portland website & give your support!