"I would kind of love if we could do something crazy & take 'em in some trees?"

If you approach me with these kinds of crazy ideas, I'm definitely going to say yes!

I've known Carsen for a few years. She's waxed my eyebrows and given advice on how to take care of my skin (and my life problems lol), and through that we've developed a friendship.

I was really excited when she approached me to do branding photos for her new private esthetician practice, the grove esthetics.

She packed up her table and supplies and we headed up the hill to Hoyt Arboretum for a relaxing branding session amongst the trees.

I've been to and shot at Hoyt Arboretum many times, but this was a memorable trip for sure. I love trees and I really enjoy documenting my friends doing whatever it is they love to do. Carsen picked the perfect models who made the whole session really easy and the overall experience very fun.

The outdoor elements & good vibes helped bring this branding story to life.

"A moment of peace in an otherwise busy life"

Carsen offers a variety of body waxing and skincare treatment services.

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