My name is Kimberly.

Queer, nuerodivergent, photographer, parent & community leader. My pronouns are they/she.

Currently living in downtown Portland, Oregon I reside in an art loft with my spouse, three kids & one cat.

I am originally from a small town in northern Michigan. I am mostly self taught and have over 18 years of experience.

I developed my photographic eye through quick, honest documentation of the people, places & things I encounter. My first camera gifted to me at a young age, I have been telling stories to help capture my human experience on this earth ever since. My brain cannot make pictures, so I take them instead.

Fascinated with life & death, I am a trained birth & postpartum worker (read more about my birth work below!) In the midst of studying death work. I also have a bachelors degree in theatre, with a focus on the production side of things.

So appreciative of everyone that has trusted me to help tell their story.

Kimberly Marie Kimble self portrait queer nonbinary birth worker and photographer portland oregon
kimberly in a tree stump queer nonbinary white photographer and birth worker portland oregon
queer nonbinary white photographer and birth worker kimberly marie kimble self portrait sunburst portland oregon
queer nonbinary white artist and photographer kimberly marie kimble sits in art installation they made portland oregon


  • reading
  • writing
  • hiking
  • wes anderson films
  • ice cream
  • bright colors & patterns
  • doodling
  • traveling
  • theatre
  • making stuff


  • coffee
  • math
  • white supremacy
  • social norms


life after birth publication home birth photographer portland oregon kimberly marie kimble
kimberly marie kimble maternity photography published in dancing with her magazine lgbtq
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Kimberly Marie Kimble photojournalist publised on Planned Parenthood website Portland Oregon
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Kimberly Marie Kimble Portland Documentary photographer published in Counter Punch
Kimberly Marie Kimble depicted in cartoon by Stan Mack Portland Oregon photjournalist and birth photographer


2019 IAPBP Image of the Year Comp Winner Newborn Image Portland Oregon documentary photographer
birth and beyond photography awards winner nude maternity portland oregon documentary photographer
birth & beyond photo awards winner baby category portland oregon documentary photographer
2020 IAPBP Comp placements birth category infants lay on parents chest portland oregon birth photographer
2020 Birth Becomes You Image Review Honorable Mention trans birth home birth photographer kimberly marie kimble
Birth Becomes You 2020 Image Review top 10% trans home birth photographer portland oregon
Birth & Beyond Photography Awards Birth 2nd place trans home birth photographer kimberly marie kimble portland oregon
IAPBP Judges Panel 13th annual comp kimberly marie kimble portland oregon photographer
IAPBP Judges panel Kimberly Marie kimble portland oregon birth photographer
IAPBP Judges Panel Kimberly Marie Kimble Portland oregon birth photographer
POPPN Awards Photojournalism Winner Kimberly Marie Kimble Portland Oregon
Kimberly Marie Kimble sitting on stairs queer nonbinary white photographer and birth worker portland oregon

I am a trained birth & postpartum worker with a deep respect for the human process of pregnancy, birth & raising babies. My approach to capturing the journey is a documentary style, savoring those sweet, fleeting moments.

I’ve held hands, rubbed backs, provided counter pressure, fluffed pillows, gotten ice chips and supported partners and grandparents throughout the birthing process. I always have my birth worker hat handy and ready to put on during birth, providing light labor support.

In my eight years of experience, I have developed positive working relationships with most of the Portland + Vancouver area hospitals & birth centers, as well as homebirth providers. I am a verified doula with both the Legacy & Providence Health systems.

I take pride in my ability to hold Space & respect the atmosphere you desire for your birth.

kimberly photographing newborn birth center birth family photographer portland oregon
kimberly providing support as doula birth photographer portland oregon
kimberly taking photo at birth center birth photographer portland oregon

Training & Certifications

  • Labor & Postpartum Doula Training through Birthingway College of Midwifery
  • Verified Doula w/Legacy & Providence Health Systems
  • Trained Childbirth Educator
  • Trans Birth for Birth Workers Training
  • Anti-Racist Trauma Informed-Care training w/ARTIC
  • Diversified Birth Training & Melanated Birth Ally
  • Understanding the Impacts of Transgenerational Trauma on the Maternal Health of Black Mothers
  • Supporting Clients w/Addiction Training
  • Still Birth Day Birth & Bereavement doula (in progress)
  • Peaceful Presence End-of-Life Doula Course (in progress)
  • The Essence of Birth Photography Course w/Birth Becomes You
  • The Art of Birth Filmmaking Course w/Birth Becomes You

Memberships & COllectives

  • Portland Doula Association
  • Birth Becomes You Certified Photographer
  • Member of IAPBP
  • Canyon Medical Center Doula (past)
  • Brave Birth Doula Care (past)
Kimberly Marie Kimble with 3 children playing on them family photographer portland oregon

I made and gave birth to three humans.

black and white image of infant portland oregon newborn photographer kimberly marie kimble
black and white film image of infant portland oregon birth photographer kimberly marie kimble
black and white image of baby sleeping portland oregon newborn photographer kimberly marie kimble

I was 18 years old when I had my first and WOW, was it a lesson in how to advocate for myself. I was dismissed at the first mention of labor, told to stay home until I couldn’t walk or talk anymore. I was dismissed when I finally got to the hospital by the registrar, “you’re young, it’s probably not real labor”. And then when they checked me and I was 8cm upon arrival, I flipped everyone off and continued the work. I had a successful, unmedicated, vaginal hospital birth because I was stubborn as hell and wanted to prove I could do it. And after she was born, I started looking into the natural birth community and exploring doula work, but it wouldn’t be until much later in life that I’d follow that path.

When I had my second, my birth plan was to labor unmedicated as long as I could. If I wanted meds, I was going to opt for meds. I managed to labor and deliver successfully without medication, but my baby got stuck. And it was that experience and lack of communication about what had happened to me (and him), that literally drove me to the Birthingway College of Midwifery to learn all that I could about birth and how this could have possibly been prevented. I thought I was going to be a midwife, but I would learn that I couldn’t afford the training. However, I did take labor and postpartum doula classes as pre-reqs and found out that I was pregnant with my third at that time. My second-born was a shoulder dystocia baby, and the OB caused permanent damage to his brachial plexus nerves by yanking him out of my body.

My third and last baby was born in the hospital. My hard labor from start to finish was about four hours. I opted for a fentanyl drip for the last hour. I had a lot of mental baggage from my second birth that was preventing me from making decisions I needed to make. But with a doula and midwifery team present, I felt supported and it was by far my best and easiest birth experience. It was so healing.

kimberly with oldest child on stairs queer family photographer portland oregon
kimberly with two kids on stairs queer family photographer portland oregon
two nonbinary humans embrace kimberly with spouse redwood forest photographer portland oregon

All of my interests have come together to create this beautiful experience. 

I love what I do.

Banner Image by LionHorse Productions
Family Portraits by Cristina King