thinking about 

my sister 

& how she asked about my trip to india

cause she wanted to go there & hike to some waterfalls 

she’s just dust in the ground now 

i wonder “are you here, Maggie? do you see?”

thinking about 

how the earth baptized me in a waterfall

in Hawaii when i was 16 

& how every spiritual moment i’ve had since was outside of organized religion 

realizing i feel spiritual because *i am* spiritual 

even though i don’t really believe in anything 

thinking about 

the first waterfalls i ever saw

in Wisconsin & Niagara Falls

& the tiny waterfall we celebrate in northern Michigan, Ocqueoc

and how lucky i am to have seen as much of the earth as i have seen 

thinking about 

how the water 


much like 


that travel through my mind

unceasing & 

with power 

not like tears

which hold intention

momentary mayhem 

until something catches 


my way 



(okay okay

be present &



use your…


activate yourself 

experience “being” 

for once in your goddamn life Kimberly)

what does that even mean?

*this is how i be 

my being is a windy rocky path 

to something beautiful & worth looking at 

or at least that’s what i hope it to be 

i unironically thank the trees for helping me