It's hard not to notice thousands of crows gathering in the sky outside your windows every night.

After two years living downtown, I still marvel at the site.

And because I am nuerodivergent, I have learned more about crows than I ever would've bothered to before. But don't ask me to tell you what I know because my brain doesn't work like that.

Here's what the internet says...

from the Portland Audubon website

"For more than a decade, crows have been gathering throughout the fall and winter to roost in downtown Portland. This roost has been gradually growing over time to the point where today, at its peak, it can exceed 15,000 birds. The sight of thousands of birds converging on the downtown area is truly spectacular. Portland Audubon has worked with the City, Downtown Clean and Safe and other partners for years to protect this roost and to find humane, innovative solutions for conflicts that have arisen. Portland is currently setting a national example for living with crows in an urban environment."

Here's one thing I do know. The cyclical nature of the crows roosting in this part of town has become grounding. It provides a moment to pause.

And understanding the personality of the crow has made me grow fond of the creature.

Curious and kind and thoughtful.

It feels kind of special to be around them in such large quantities, even if sometimes they poop directly on your hand.

Images taken through the windows of my loft, at dusk. January 2023.